It's all in the name No water Flowers, these wax amaryllis don't need any water. The wax bulb has enough energy to make the flowers grow.

No, don't put the No Water Flowers with wax layer in direct sunlight.
Place the bulb in a light spot, at a temperature of 7 - 25 degrees.

In the Netherlands they are available at different garden centers like Intratuin, Groenrijk and at your local florist.
If they are not at your local florist, it is possible for them to buy them wholesale.

Also available on various webshops. For more up-to-date information, go to the page buy wax amaryllis.

The Original No Water Flowers® are easy to recognize by the square silver label attached to the bulb or the metal support.

If you keep the No Water Flower in a cool place, for example in the refrigerator, the growth process will be temporarily slowed down. Our advice is not to refrigerate the bulb for longer than 5 days.

When 1 of the 2 stems have blossomed, you can cut the stem at the bottom. There is a chance that a 3th stem comes up. If this does not happen within 4 weeks after cutting, the bulb is finished with flowering.

Yes it is possible to let the No Water Flowers® flower again.

Although the bulb may not flower as powerful as it did as No Water Flowers®. These bulbs have been specially selected for No Water Flowers® and received a special treatment for this.

When a flower has faded, you can remove it.
The flowers can be deposited in the appropriate waste container.
If all the flowers have completely faded, you can remove all the flowers.
Cut the stems of the flowers that have completely faded.
You can leave the other stem until it has also completed faded.
Once everything has withered/faded, it can be cut off or trimmed.
The remaining flowers and stems can also be disposed of in the appropriate waste container.

The label can be easily separated from the elastic band
The elastic band and the label should be disposed of separately in the appropriate waste container.

You can easily remove the metal support by pulling it out of the bulb.
The metal support can be deposited in the appropriate waste container.

Remove the wax layer by making a cut all around
The wax layer can now be removed, the wax layer can be deposited in the appropriate waste container. The Amaryllis bulb may be slightly soft and darker in color. This is normal as the Amaryllis bulb has withered naturally. Remove the outer layer of the Amaryllis bulb. Dispose of the peel in the appropriate waste container.

It is possible to make the Amaryllis bulb bloom again.
Requirements: Pot (optional) and Soil
After some time, roots will start to grow at the bottom of the Amaryllis bulb. There may already be some visible roots. Place the Amaryllis bulb securely in the soil. Ensure that the soil is evenly distributed around it. The Amaryllis bulb is now ready to root and eventually bloom again.
Care tip: Try to keep the soil slightly moist.

After about 9 months of planting the Amaryllis bulb in a pot/soil, the bulb can be fully grown again, and there may be 1 or 2 flower buds in the bulb. Cut off the leaves and let the bulb stay in a dry place for a week. After that, find a cool space (such as a cellar) between 10 to 18 degrees Celsius, and leave the pot there for 8 weeks. An Amaryllis bulb requires a cool period to bloom again. After those 8 weeks, you can place the pot in a warm location, water it, and the flower stems can start to grow.
Amaryllis bulbs can be planted outside in the ground in an area where there is no frost.
They are not frost-resistant.

Thank you for purchasing the No Water Flowers and watching this video.

Good luck with growing the new flowers!

Please note that the plants are for decorative purposes only and not for consumption.

Yes, the waxz layer has no influence on the growth or flowering of the bulb. Our wax Amaryllis is guaranteed to flower! The bulbs are specially selected Amaryllis bulbs.

Thanks to our specially developed metal wire support, on which the bulb is placed, the bulb will remain standing for the entire flowering time.

This can be found in the original No Water Flowers® label.
The correct flower color is always shown on the outside of this label.

The waxz Amaryllis are normally supplied with a red flower color. That is because this is a strong variety that is suitable for No Water Flowers®, which means that the majority of all bulbs have a red flower color.
A smaller percentage of the other flower colors is available, which are strong enough to be suitable for No Water Flowers®