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Welcome to the website of the Original No Water Flowers®

No Water Flowers® are known for the unique handmade wax Amaryllis bulbs.

These Amaryllis bulbs are specially selected and have enough energy to grow and bloom without water. These amaryllis bulbs are decorated with a wax layer, which gives the bulb a modern and fashionable look. Also it is a unique eye-catcher to decorate your home!

All No Water Flowers® are equipped with a metal support so that the wax Amaryllis can be placed and it always remains stable. It also ensures that the bulb cannot fall over under the weight of the large flowers. 

The Original No Water Flowers® are easy to recognize by the square silver label attached to the bulb. On the outside of this label it is indicated in which flower color this unique wax Amaryllis will bloom. Different flower colors are available: Red, White, Pink and Striped.

The name No Water Flowers® actually says it all, they don't need water. In fact, you hardly have to do anything for it. Place the wax Amaryllis in a light spot. Not in direct sunlight, room temperature is fine. Flowering will develop on its own in 3-5 weeks.

Buy the original No Water Flowers® for guaranteed flowering and don't forget to enjoy the beautiful flowers of this wax Amaryllis.

View our wide range on our collection page or in the No Water Flowers Catalogus .

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No Water Flowers® al 10 jaar een begrip!

Assortiment Wax Amaryllis

The Original No Water Flowers® were developed in 2012 by Greencre8 in collaboration with Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants .

Greencre8 creates with the vision to develop a maintenance-friendly products with style. We would like to continue to develop in order to continue to amaze you.